Updates & News

January 2023

  • Despite appearances there is much activity, mostly in regards to discussions with living Pelans rather can concentrating on dead ones. Am revising old reports on specific topics.

April 2021

  • My dear sister died suddenly and unexpectedly.


  • Research slow-down due to increased workload at work and at home and a pandemic.

December 2017

  • Karen Pelan - an early supporter of this project - passed away in Belfast as a result of cancer on the 27th December.

  • A summary document of the research to-date has been compiled.

August 2017

  • My father Leonard Pelan sadly passed away in Ireland at the age of 85. He always wanted to know the origin and meaning of the Pelan surname and despite his fanciful notions of links to Irish royalty, I like to think that I persuaded him of the facts, at least as was known at the time. He will be sadly missed.

January 2017

  • I am extremely sad to report the death of Keith Pelan in November 2016. I am honoured to have known him, if only briefly through this project and he will be greatly missed. In his retirement he took to woodworking and was highly accomplished producing some exquisite rocking-horses amongst other beautiful things.

March 2016

  • We lost sister and brother, RenĂ©e Pelan (89) and Derek Pelan (86). The latter died not long after learning of the death of his sister.

March 2015 -

  • Test results from a Mr Pallan have come in and, as predicted from the documentary evidence, he matched the "Hancock-like" Pelan line.