Dukinfield Deception

The Dukinfield Deception

There exists a census page from the England & Wales census of 1841  (National Archives, Kew: HO 107/110/10).  It shows a Pelan household in Dukinfield (now a town inside Greater Manchester). It is comprised of six persons:

The 1841 census had many shortcomings, such as not asking the relationship between householders and also it asked that people's ages be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 - although this was not always done.  This is why the ages look suspicious because they are rounded.  The lack of relationship information means that connections are usually inferred, i.e. two adults, male & female, are taken to be a couple and any children are assumed to be theirs. These are all assumptions but which will be accurate much of the time.

If you look at open trees on Ancestry, you will find many unrelated people laying claim to this census page as being their family. Why is this ?

In summary, people are being funnelled down onto this search result because it is a rare one for that period and features common names.  This may be your family but you'll need more evidence than just a name or two.