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Lambeg Churchyard

There is a notable monument to an Essy Pelan in Lambeg Churchyard. She died on her 21st birthday (1st Mar 1833) reputedly of a broken heart although a contemporary newspaper report says, less romantically, that it was "after a long and trying illness". The story [3] appears to be that her betrothed emigrated to North America, their communications faded away over time and he forgot about her. He returned years after her death a successful man and much to the chagrin of the Pelans and locals he erected the monument to her.

Also beside the above monument in a railed-off grave are the following (from [2] and newspaper sources):


Jane Pelan

13 May 1816



George Pelan 

28 Dec 1836 



Margaret Pelan 

22 Jul 1856 

Wife of George (2 or 6 ?)


Hamilton Pelan

26 Dec 1873

Son of George & Jane (1875?)


Sarah Pelan 

22 Apr 1891



George Pelan

15 Jan 1898



Bryson Pelan


Full name was Richard Bryson

John Smallwood Ward

16 Dec 1901



Mary Pelan

13 Dec 1902

Wife of George (6)


Agnes Ward

29 Oct 1917

née Pelan, wife of John (8)

Contrary to speculation on the History from Headstones page [1],  Essy's father was Richard Bryson Pelan. He disappeared in New York in tragic circumstances and was assumed dead by 1883. This is why his date of death is not recorded on the headstone.

There are many other Pelans buried in the same churchyard. I have details and photographs on file so please ask.



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